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The Atelier was born out of the desire to create.


I found it hard to paint in my Manhattan apartment. After my daughter was born,

it made the process of painting that much more difficult. In 2017, while looking 

for a home outside the city, I fell in with the Pocono Barn and was

floored to learn it came with a separate artist studio.

Finally, this lifelong nomadic artist had a place to create.


This Atelier has become a playground of creative inspiration. From painting to drawing,

to designing and building, to exploring unknown ways to make art,

I see no limits to what can be done here. 


As an artist, I personally recognize how hard it is to find the time to

follow a creative path and also equally challenging to find a place to do it. 

Thus, the idea of making this a shared workspace was born.

I want to offer something most emerging  artists don't have access to - a studio to make and create art.


What if you could go somewhere to just focus on your work with no distractions? A space to paint on large canvases or a quiet nook to write your book, with plenty of materials and no limits to your time.

A place where you can work in peace on whatever your passion is in a beautiful studio.

Creating at your own pace in this very special place.


I believe that if given the time and the opportunity,

all artists can hone their respective craft and create the best work they've ever made. 

So what are you waiting for? Get started! Hope to see you working in the studio alongside me.


Welcome to Alappat Atelier.


- Sebastian Alappat

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