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The Alappat Atelier was created by New York City artist Sebastian Alappat. Needing a place to make art,

he founded this studio as an ideal place to escape the confines of painting in a small Manhattan apartment.

The Atelier now serves as his studio and as a shared workspace for all creative types seeking a quiet

place to hone their craft and work on passion projects.  Just 90 minutes from NYC & Philadelphia, 

the Atelier is nestled in the idyllic Pocono mountains in Pennslyvania. A 1600 square foot working studio with

multiple creative stations and a utility sink which is complemented by a ground floor colorful apartment with library,

writer's desk, gorgeous renovated full bath, unique retro kitchenette and pin-drop quiet lofted bedroom.

Simply put, the Alappat Atelier is the perfect place to rest, recharge, make and create.



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Work in the studio for one day at a time.

A weekend away to get your moving on that project. 

Weekly stays give you ample time to make headway

on that passion project.

In it for the long haul? This option lets you dive deep into your creative practice

The Cosmos Series
Supercluster 2

oil on canvas

40" x 48"